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Survivors include sons, Rudolph Glenn, Larry Glenn and Donald Glenn, all of Morning View; sisters, Ora Armstrong of Independence and Beulah Carnes of Elsmere; and six grandchildren. Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Chambers and Grubbs Funeral Home, Walton. Visitation will begin there at noon Wednesday. Burial will be in Crittenden Cemetery. Betty Grady, 80, of Ludlow, died Friday at St. Elizabeth Hospice Unit, Covington. She was a homemaker. Her husband, George Grady, died in 1989. A son, Geoffrey Grady, died May 18.

Survivors include a brother, Nick Katsikas of Fort Wright; and sister, Catherine Reardon of Birmingham, Ala., and Frances Bernard of Cincinnati. Property Valuers preparing valuation reports and encourage our clients to take advantage of our property valuation services. Mass of Christian burial will be at 1 p.m. today at Sts. Boniface and James Church, Ludlow. Burial will be in St. Mary Cemetery, Fort Mitchell. Memorials are suggested to Ludlow Fire Department, 234 Oak St., Ludlow, Ky. 41016. Ronald B. Jones Funeral Home, Ludlow, is handling arrangements. Norma A. Otte Wilson Gulley, 81, of Florence, died Saturday at at her daughter’s home in Florence. She was a member of Ralph Fulton Post VFW and American Legion Post No. 4 Ladies Auxiliary. Her first husband, Clyde C. Wilson, died in 1969, and her second husband, Robert Ivan Gulley, died in 1994.

Survivors include her son, Daniel C. Wilson of Union; daughters, Darlene Ann Wilson and Dale M. Wilson-Eckman, both of Florence; a stepson, Robert Allen Gulley of Warsaw; stepdaughters, Anna Jean Hedger of Florence, Elaine Lunsford of Fort Wright and Cheryl Gronefeld of Elsmere; a sister, Helen Scherder of Crestview Hills; six grandchildren, 10 stepgrandchildren, four great-grandchildren and five step-great grandchildren.

Thomas Gene Hicks, 57, of Covington, died at 1:10 p.m. Saturday at his home. He was an operations manager with Office Interior Services, Erlanger. Survivors include daughters, Gina Hicks Timmers of Covington and Sherri Hicks of Covington; brothers, Stanley Hicks and Howard Hicks, both of Taylor Mill; and two granddaughters. Katherine H. Kohne, 94, of Erlanger, died at 11:25 a.m. Sunday at Villa Springs of Erlanger. She was a homemaker and a member of St. Henry Altar Society, Elsmere. Her husband, Henry T. Kohne, preceded her in death.


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  “We’re trying to stretch that as far as we can,” Miller said. She’s hoping to woo donations and volunteer time from church and school groups and community organizations. Donations of lift chairs, shower seats and medical equipment are always welcome, she said. One byproduct of the group may be a sharing of information and support among the caregivers who meet through the support program.

“Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who’s going through the same thing,” said Wilson. “You lose your patience. You start to feel sorry for yourself. I love my mother. And this is what I want to do. But it’s not easy,” she said. “To say I don’t bust out crying — I do. To say I don’t yell back at her. I do.” She remembers her worst day. She was still healing from breast cancer surgery and tried to help her mother out of bed sydney settlement agents.

It was one of her mother’s obstinate days. She hit Mary Lou, hard, in the breast. “I said `Oh, mama, you hurt me.’ She said, ‘You deserve it.’ All I could do is run in the bedroom and cry,” Wilson said. Later Mary Voss didn’t remember the incident She said, “I would never hurt you, baby. I love you.” Wilson has come to understand the changes Alzheimer’s can bring, and rolls with them.

It’s something she could share with other caregivers, she said, along with practical information on where to buy low-cost home care supplies and ways to deal with daily care tasks. Last week Voss joked with her daughter and sang an old song. We are providing best and highly conveyancers to prepare a property Conveyancing report with very lowest prices. “If you are wise, you’ll stop your crying. Smiling is always in style,” she sang. Wilson smiled and sang along. “Sometimes I feel closed in. Like I haven’t got a life,” she said.

“When you’re a caregiver, you may give them life, but it takes yours.” This new program, she said, tries to give a little bit of your life back.Northern Kentucky Family Caregiver Support Program:

  • Services include up to 8 hours of respite care and help in obtaining equipment and other services such as training, education and information.
  • Serves Boone, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, Owen and Pendleton counties.
  • A free, Grandparents/Relatives Raising Children Workshop is 5:45 to 9 p.m. Nov. 20 at the Northern Kentucky Area development District, 22 Spiral Drive, Florence. To register, call (859) 356-3155.
  • Plans for spring include a workshop for older caregivers caring for disabled relatives.
  • For more info, call the program director, Naomi Miller, at the Northern Kentucky Area Development District, (859) 283-1885 or (866) 826-4118.

The quick pace of hiring that has been going on for several months in Northern Kentucky appears to be slowing, as modest job growth is projected for the first quarter of 2003, according to staffing agency Manpower Inc.

Why you cannot sacrifice on expert land valuations report in realty?

Authentic and market leading land valuations services from an unmatched expert is of paramount importance. When the parties to the realty transaction aim to reap utmost efficiencies and monetary appreciations from their deals, they must religiously follow the directions of a registered valuer.

Land, as we all reckon, is a dear resource to all of us, and it is such an element to our lives that we cannot do without. Similarly, there is an important and fragile element associated with the price of a plot of land that needs to be determined in utmost compliance with the market indicators.

Delivering a market value of a land and that too a fair one; can only be done by certified valuations expert. Such a person who has the necessary knowledge to not only gauge the value of the land at this time, but also has the ability to seemingly project its future value appreciation in the present times.

The reason why we cannot sacrifice on availing best valuations services is because the transactions in the realm of realty business have a dynamic group of factors that affect its transaction conduct and outcomes both. Realty deals warrant availability of robust valuations opinion that is well supported by in-house investment market expertise and steering governmental and regulatory compliances.

The hypothesis to necessitate the dire requirement of availing world class property valuation services in realty markets valuation is also supported by the following: i) The need for gaining valued opinions compliant with regulatory standards, financial reporting, compliance to IFRS, FRS and GAAP accounting standards. ii) Granting support required by lending institutions in their decision making by giving quality due diligence and testing property performance comments. iii) Corporate transactions also seek formal opinion on value in support of an intended sale or purchase of an entity which includes property. iv) Property transactions that need expert opinion of value in regards to either sale or a purchase of property. v) Property valuation services may also be required in the event of listings on international stock exchanges for fund raising purposes.

The value that land valuations experts instill in property transactions is irreplaceable and bankable. Without an authentic valuations report on the product to be transacted i.e. real estate property, the transaction stands not acceptable by the government, agencies, banks, lenders, financers and even the law of the land itself.

In the business context, the services and opinions of valuations experts holds high importance since they expect valuers to connect their conclusions to the challenges posed by the different business decisions so as to streamline business processes. The highlighted factors above, flag the burning need and efficiencies that expert valuations services can inject into your commercial property transactions thereby making valuations totally warranted.

What are the Best Practices for Registered Land Valuers?

The responsibility of land valuations is not only a complex one but also ethically important and multidimensional. Land valuations actually determine the actual saleable fair market price of a piece of land in the open market. The valuations of a piece of land has various implications since the valuer is entrusted with the task of assessing the value of the most precious resource that mother nature has blessed us with i.e. land and that too with quality.

To ethically and truthfully discharge their duties, land valuations experts require adhering to certain recommended best practice processes, such as:

1) Hold relevant valuers qualifications and exhibit proficiency
2) Compliance with the defined and accepted terms of engagement
3) Utilize inspection notes
4) Documenting and linking the comparable records with valuations
5) Quality reporting and adhering to vigorous quality assurance measures
6) Disclose the approach to quantify valuations.

The valuers should be capable of demonstrating the reason why they are best suited to conduct the land valuations for the clients. Their relevant qualifications and expertise should be proved and well exhibited whilst they should also be able to display appropriate command over the dynamics of the property markets in the concerned geography. Not holding the concerned geographical market expertise can significantly dampen the services provided by the valuers since this may give a way to claims related risk bearing for the clients and the servicing valuer firm itself.

To conduct unmatched land valuations and to earn the respect of their clients, valuers must disclose terms of service engagement prepared in compliance with the global valuers standards. The valuers should also follow a succinct and well structured framework for preparing valuations report. There should be utmost commitment to achieve quality assurance standards. Proper valuation standards only will lead to fair decisions for the betterment of clients and lenders.

It is also crucially needed that an audit route of information be followed all through the way of a transaction with appropriate provisions to include explanatory statements wherever required i.e. building a checklist. Well drafted comparison information of the identical property deals in the vicinity of the concerned property must also be provided so as to further authenticate the land valuations result. The land valuations experts should also clearly explain what method of valuation calculation have they used and for what reason.

These are some of the best practices measures that registered valuers can follow to cater the expectations of their clients well and thereby also making the transaction cycle running smooth for lenders and their own firms too.

How To Go About Certifying A Property Valuer

home-valuerThere is s difference between an ordinary certificate of incorporation given under the Australian Companies Act and a certificate that is issued for running a property and real estate valuation business. While the former allows the companies to run a business in Australia, the latter is about a special certificate that allows running of a business that is totally focused on the property valuation Melbourne company<.

The question that comes to the minds of many persons is whether such a certificate is required for running a valuation business. The answer is yes though as per the laws as they exist today it might not be mandatory. But one has to understand that valuation of properties is a very vital component of any buying and selling of property vital component of any buying and selling of property and thence it should be done by the right persons having experience and expertise in this field.

So if you are an entrepreneur who wishes to get started in this business you should start off by making an application for certification of the valuation business from the right authorities. The authorities on receipt of the application will go through a series of steps which will find out more about the credentials and goodwill of the organization, the facilities and amenities that they have in running the business and other such information. Only when the authorities are satisfied about the wherewithal that the company possesses do they go in for issuing the certificate.

Once the certificate is issued, it is usually valid for a particular period of time. However, during this period it is not unusual for valuation companies to monitor their performance and audit the functioning once in a while. While these audits and monitoring are not fault finding missions, they certainly help in pointing out procedural shortfalls and lacunae which when corrected will go a long in way in putting the valuation company on the right track. Hence, there is no doubt that though the law might not mandatorily prescribe for such certification, prudent valuers will certainly find lot of value in getting such certifications.

Why Certification Is Important For Property Valuers

TDS_220130710042515Registration of property is an important component of any real estate transaction in more ways than one. It is an important piece of document which talks about the fair market value of the property that is being bought or sold. Though the market has a price range of its own, it needs to be authenticated and verified by an independent authority and that is what property valuers’ job is all about. Further a professional valuation report also contains quite a bit of subjective information which helps the buyers to take an informed decision.

Taking the above factors into account, there is hardly any doubt that the information provided in a property valuation Brisbane report is very important from many points of view. Hence, it is important that only the genuine information is given and there is no manipulation of facts and figures. That is perhaps the main reason why valuers are required to register themselves under the law. When they do so, they have both a legal and moral obligation to report only facts and avoid misrepresentation of information.

Further when a real estate valuer applies for a certificate with the relevant authorities the entire process goes through a number of checks and counter checks. The antecedents of the property valuer are checked beyond reasonable doubt to ensure that they are in order. Further, the certification is valid for a particular period of time only. It needs to be renewed after the expiry of the validity period. The renewal again would call for having a closer look at the performance of the property appraiser from various points of view.

Hence, there is no doubt that certification and approval certainly plays a big role in understanding more about the goodwill, credentials and efficiency levels of property valuers. It also helps to separate the grain from the chaff and plays a big role in increasing the overall efficiency of real estate valuation business as a whole. Further, many certifications are issued only to those valuers who have complete a formal course on property valuation which again augurs well for the customer at the end of the day. Best double stroller:

The Finer Points Of Property Conveyancing

Buying and selling of real estate property is quite complex and is not as simple and straightforward as other asset purchases and sales. The biggest reason for confusion amongst consumers on issues related to conveyancing is because they have very little knowledge or information on the same. Therefore in this article apart from sharing some information about the basics on property conveyancing, we will also look at the finer aspects of this important process.

Property conveyancing or property settlement as it is also called in some quarters is all about ensuring smooth transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. The reason why we need the services and support of property conveyancers is because there are a number of legal requirements that have to be complied with. There is the need to effect transfer of property in the books of the government without which the transaction will not be complete. This is perhaps the biggest area of challenge for customers and the role of conveyancers becomes very critical here.

They help in the entire legal aspects of conveyancing. When a seller offers his property for sale, the onus lies on the buyer to find out that the title of the property is pure and there are no legal shortcomings attached to it. Towards this objective it is very important to look up the property and legal documents very closely. If needed, the conveyancers also make a personal visit to the property to ensure that everything is in order. They pay special attention to easements which could come as a big surprise for the buyer at a later point in time.

The conveyancing team also helps in finding out the fair value of the property in question. Though the market could give reasonable good indication about the fair value, when the same is authenticated by a valuer or appraiser then it becomes legally authentic information. Additionally, valuers also go beyond the obvious and supply the buyers with lot of subjective pieces of information such as the amenities and facilities available, the quality of infrastructure in the neighborhood and so on. The valuation report also forms the main basis for fixing of new property taxes and also for finding out the stamp duty payable on the property.

Apart from the roles of these two individuals, there are also documentation specialists who work in close coordination with the real estate lawyers and attorneys. They help the lawyers to draft property and legal documents, vet them, prepare them and get them executed at the right place and at the right time. Hence, at the end of the day property conveyancing is the sum total of many heads working in unison.

The Need For A Certified Property Valuer

house plansProperty valuation is considered to be one of the important aspects of any property buying and selling. However, it is a complicated subject and out the bounds of possibilities of ordinary customers. Hence it is not quite surprising when we see most of the customers taking help of professionals valuers to ensure that the entire process of property ownership transfer takesplace easily. But it is very important that as customers we choose the right valuer who has all the right attributes. These include experience, expertise, qualifications and most importantly certification. Certification is mandatory as far as real estate valuers are concerned. Therefore as customers we should take the trouble of finding out whether a valuer is competent to undertake valuation in the first place.

The reason why it is considered very important to choose a certified property valuer is because of many reasons. First and foremost one has to bear in mind that a valuation report has many legal ramifications to it and therefore must be handled only by those who have the right experience and expertise. This does not come with default and a valuer has to go through various processes involved in certification only after which he or she is considered fit enough for the job. A certified valuer is the one who is accepted as the legal entity as far as banks, financial institutions, big real estate promoters and customers are concerned.

Getting a property valued by a valuer who is not certified will be not correct legally and there is a grave risk of the entire property deal falling through. Hence, even it takes some time it is always better to look for property valuers who have the required certification. Apart from the legal requirements that make it mandatory to deal only with certified valuers, the job of valuation is done very professionally as far as these professionals are concerned.

The entire process of certifying a property valuer is quite lengthy and begins with an application from the valuer. Once the application is received the process of certification starts. It is done by a group of qualified and certified valuers and other professionals. The process involves many steps and it all begins with a thoroughly look at the various facilities and amenities that are available for smooth valuation. Once this is done the valuation certificate is issued after ensuring that all processes and steps are in place. The certification is valid for a certain period after which it is renewed again.

Why Opting For A Certified Property Valuer Is A Must

cut_away_houseThere are many reasons why property valuation is considered as an important step towards smooth transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. Whenever a property is bought or sold there is no doubt that it involves thousands of dollars and sometimes the stakes involved good be quite a few millions dollars too. Hence, all the stakeholders would like to be very carefully and treat with great care and caution. They would like to check things more than once before committing themselves to it. The two main stakeholders when a property is bought or sold are without any doubt the seller and the buyer.

While the main objective of the buyer is to ensure that he buys a good property at a great price, the seller also has the same mind set. He would like to make a handsome profit out of such sale and ensure that he gets more than anticipated return on his investments. Hence, there is a very strong commercial and economic objective that is making both the parties to enter into this transaction. While there is no doubt that the market is a reasonably good indicator about the value of a property there is no legal sanction attached to it. Hence, there must be a professional valuer or appraiser who can establish a legal stamp on such valuations. That is what the main role is of property valuers.

However, it is also very important that the property valuers also should be competent to undertake such valuation. It is expected that apart from being experienced and qualified they should have a certificate from the relevant government authorities. This certification is mandatory and is akin to a patient getting treated by a doctor who has the required qualification, experience and permission under the law.

Certifications for property valuers are issued by the local government authorities after taking into account various factors. They look into their credentials, qualifications and the procedures and processes that they have in place for valuation of properties received from customers. They evaluate the efficiency levels, the mechanisms that are in place, the time taken, the integrity and transparent levels and other such important factors. Only when they are fully satisfied do they offer them certification. This certification is valid for a limited period after which it has to be validated again by allowing inspection of the processes by the concerned authorities. Hence, certifying a property valuer is not only important but mandatory.

What Exactly Is Property Valuers’ Certification And Why It Is Important

property-valuationProperty valuation as many of us would be aware is a very important component whenever there is a property buying and selling. It is one of the many steps that have to be followed failing which smooth transfer of ownership from one entity to another may not be possible. While there could be some customers who might believe in the virtues of going through property valuations on their own, a majority of customers are always in favor of going in for valuation with the help of professionals. This is because of some obvious reasons. Valuation of property might look simple from the outside but it is extremely complex and complicated when one gets inside it. It requires special qualification, experience and expertise and only those with the above three attributes would be able to do a good job of it. Hence, it is always prudent and better to get property valuation done from experienced professionals.

While the important of property valuation is now known to us, let us try and find out why it is important to certify these valuers. Like any other service, valuation is a specialized job and only those who have gone through some basic procedures and steps would be in a position to perform the task to the satisfaction of customers. Further, certification is needed because it will be a wonderful tool to keep a check on the valuers and ensure that they are performing as per the needs and requirements of customers. They should be taking the customers’ satisfaction and interests fully into account. There should be a mechanism by which the performances of these property valuers are monitored on a regular basis. Towards this objective there is no denying the fact that certification of property valuers is very important.

Now coming to ways and means by which property valuers are certified, it is usually the local government authorities which acts as the nodal authority. They appoint some professionally qualified valuers under their panel. They send them across the various valuers’ offices and find out whether they are certified or not. If they are not certified it is quite possible that the businesses may have to be shut down temporarily. The valuers in question should apply for certification and go through the various steps and processes as stipulated by the local government authorities. Once these steps are fulfilled and completed, the certification is issued to them for a limited period of time.

Certification Procedure For Property Valuer

76349112Property valuation without any doubt is a very important formality and procedure that needs to be gone through. Unless proper valuation is done, it would be difficult to transfer the ownership of the property from one entity to another. This is because valuation of properties has many implications. While there is no doubt that getting the right information about the fair market value of the property is the main reason for property valuation, there are other important aspects which are also attached to it. When it comes to calculation of property tax or even when there is a need to find out the right stamp duty payable, valuation reports come in very handy. Additionally it would be pertinent to mention here that many property valuers also go beyond the obvious and provide a number of subjective pieces of information.These are very useful because they mention about the development of infrastructure in the neighborhood, the quality of people who make up the neighborhood, availability of amenities and facilities and other such useful information.

Given the fact that the valuation reports have a very vital and critical role to play, it is important that the professionals who are in this line should be of the best from all points of view. They should be well qualified, experienced, competent, honest and last but not the least certified. Certification of property valuers is extremely important failing which their services will not have a legal sanction. Further certification will help the authorities to oversee the functioning of the valuers on a regular basis. They will help remove any anomalies or problems that could adversely impact the customers and also the property valuers.

These valuers are generally appointed by the government agencies and it is another form of outsourcing the job. The rules and regulations are well described and the onus is on the certifiers to ensure that the valuers are following the same. This is done by regular inspection of the work being done by the valuers. Based on their performance and adherence to rules and regulations, the valuation reports are renewed periodically. The whole process is quite time consuming and would call for spending of quite a bit of time in the valuers’ place. Only when everything has been examined perfectly is the certification accorded to the service providers. The certificates have a time span after which they have the renewed. Renewal is done by having look at the operations closely once again.