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WBCSD publications for the Summit

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development was a key voice for business at the 1992 Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Ten years later, in Johannesburg, we are equally keen to have the business viewpoint heard, understood and acted upon.

We have been building up to the Summit with a series of initiatives to make the case that the pursuit of sustainable development is good for business and that business is good for sustainable development.

At Johannesburg we shall be holding events every day.

Featured publications:

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Walking the Talk
A book setting out the WBCSD's blueprint for action is being launched at the World Summit, and seems destined to become the key text for business and sustainable development. Walking the Talk has been written by three of our leading figures: our founder Stephan Schmidheiny, Chad Holliday (DuPont) and Sir Philip Watts KCMG (RoyalDutch/Shell). It sets out our models for action, where business needs to act, and shows how sustainable development can be integrated into company structures.
Get more information about Walking the Talk and join the book launch at the Summit

Tomorrow's Markets - Global trends and their implications for business
Backed with facts and figures, this report outlines 19 key economic, environmental and social trends that will shape the future business agenda and market scenarios. Each topic is presented in a succinct, lively format that can be easily adapted for business use.
The Business Case for Sustainable Development (307 kb)
The first in a series of three WBCSD reports for the World Summit, this document is a forward-looking statement that identifies building blocks toward a sustainable society. It is intended to help shape the thinking of all who will take part in the Summit.
Marrakesh Statement: A business perspective on upcoming climate negotiations (64 kb)
Business has a crucial role to play in developing solutions to climate change and deploying
them globally. Realizing this potential will require an effective long-term framework in which
to operate. The Kyoto Protocol contains the seeds of such a framework that can, and should,
be built upon.

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Summit Focus, the WBCSD's World Sustain Newsflash, features opinions, updates on WBCSD initiatives, and logistics information.


SUSTAIN, the WBCSD's quarterly newsletter, features a number of articles about the World Summit in recent issues:

  • The ascent to the Summit
    As worldwide preparations for the WSSD unfold, the WBCSD is working on its own contribution to the Summit agenda. Read article
  • Business plans for the World Summit
    Preparations for a Business Day in Johannesburg during the WSSD are now well under way. Sustain discovers that BASD, the joint business campaign launched by the WBCSD and the ICC, is gearing up to mount a state-of-the-art event. Read article
  • Young managers unite
    With the aim of making an impact at the WSSD, 30 young executives have teamed up with the WBCSD to launch a project highlighting businessís role in promoting sustainable development. Sustain looks at the background. Read article
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International Herald Tribune reporting

In addition to these outputs, and to celebrate its 10th anniversary in September 2001, the WBCSD and the International Herald Tribune published a series of ten double-spread supplements in Summer 2001. Each covered a specific topic, but the overall focus was on presenting the business case for sustainable development and some of the initiatives WBCSD members have taken to begin the transition toward greater sustainability.